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Mode: list


atomsk --list <listfile> [<formats>] [options]


In this mode, Atomsk will convert a list of files. This is of course convenient when one has a lot of files to convert, typically snapshots of a molecular dynamics run.

The file <listfile> should contain a list of files to convert. A quick and simple way to build such a file is to list files in a directory and use the redirection symbol ">". For instance:

ls * > list.lst

In addition the <listfile> has the following specifications:

As a result, the minimal <listfile> contains only one file name. A recommended, but not mandatory, extension for the <listfile>, is .lst.

The output format(s) can be activated in several ways (also check the list of supported formats):

The output file names are automatically decided after the input file names and the active file format(s).

Note that you can use the mode --list in combination with one or several options. These options will then be applied to all the files converted.


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