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Mode: interactive



atomsk < script.ats


Running the program without any argument will enter interactive mode, which offers a command-line interpreter. When the program is started by double-clicking the executable, or a link from the system's menu, then it runs in interactive mode.

In this mode the user can enter commands, and they are executed in real-time. The available commands are:

The command create can be called with the same arguments as the mode --create. If no argument is provided then the user will be prompted.

The options of atomsk are also available. They must be called without the leading dash sign (-), and with all their parameters.

For now the other modes of Atomsk cannot be called from the interactive mode.

Note that only one command (or option) can be issued at a time, and it will take effect immediately.

This mode reads commands from the standard input, which by default is the keyboard. In GNU/Linux environments it is possible to use the standard redirection (<) to use a file as standard input (instead of the keyboard). That means that commands can be saved in a text file and be used as a script, using the standard redirection (see examples below).

When running in interactive mode the verbosity level is automatically reset to 1 if it is set to 0 or 2.


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