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Mode: normal


atomsk <inputfile> [options] <outputfile>

atomsk <inputfile> [options] <formats>

atomsk <inputfile> [options] <prefix> <formats>


This mode is the default. In this mode, Atomsk reads one <inputfile>, applies options if any, and writes the final result into one or several <outputfile>.

If an <outputfile> name is given with a recognisable extension (for instance "", or "system.cfg"), then Atomsk will write it into the appropriate format.

If no output file name is given, but one or several <format> are given (among those supported by Atomsk), then Atomsk will use the name of the input file, and replace its extension with the one appropriate for each <format>.

If a <prefix> is given (i.e. a file name with no extension), followed by one or several <formats>, then Atomsk will use the prefix to produce all the output files according to the <formats>.

Atomsk checks for the existence of the files given in the command-line. If only one file exists, then Atomsk considers it as the input file, and considers the other file name as the output file, regardless of the ordering of the file names in the command. If both files exist, then Atomsk prompts which one should be used as input file, and asks if the output file should be overwritten. If you wish to avoid these questions, it is recommended to delete the output file(s) before running Atomsk, and/or to use the option -ignore or the option -overwrite.

Using options is not mandatory. If the command-line contains one or several options, then they are applied sequentially, in the order specified in the command line, after reading the intput file, and before writing the output file. Please refer to the documentation about options.

Note that in this mode, Atomsk accepts only one input file name, and one output file name (and possibly one or several formats). If more than two file names are specified, only the first two names are used, and other file names are ignored. As a result, you should never use a wildcard (i.e. the star symbol *) to specify file names, like "atomsk *.xyz cfg". If you wish to convert many input files, please use the mode File list.

Note that contrary to other modes, you do not have to write "--normal" to use the normal mode, since it is the default mode.


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